This song was written with participants of the ‘Best Of Both’ project for teenagers and young adults with multiple disabilities at Slatyford community centre..

For nearly six years I was employed as part of a core team of project musicians working on CoMusica -The Sage Gatesheads youth music community project.  During this time I worked with a vast amount of groups,  in schools, community and youth centres, all over the North East.  I worked with an incredibly diverse range of people, young and old, from multiple backgrounds, and ethnicity.

I have been searching for documentation of some of my work from around 2005-2010, and will be posting more photos, video,  audio, and press cuttings, on this page as I retrace my steps and uncover it.

Perfect Pitch
One highlight was working on the ‘Perfect Pitch’ projet, part of the wider ‘Kickz’ project, a youth and community project set up by the Football Association.  The group I worked with were invited to perform at Wembley arena for the ‘Kickz’ awards ceremony and received an award for the the best music project in the country.  This was an incredibly proud moment for the group, and for myself personally, seeing the hard work pay off, and gaining recognition for the high quality  music I had helped the group to produce.  Below is a news piece about the Newcastle United foundation which touches on the Kickz, and Perfect Pitch project.  (unfortunately as well as the reporter getting the name of the project wrong, they do not include any footage of the award winning group, or hard working musicians)

A short film made to celebrate CoMusicas tenth birthday.. this film gives a good overview of the work they do…

CoMusica Gathering

These gatherings were regular events where lots of the different groups from across the project would come together and share the work they had been doing and perform a collaborative piece of music.

Rock the Den

I can’t embed this video onto this page so here is a link to a promotional video made by the participants of a project in Stanley that I managed and delivered on.

Lots more info to follow…..