Xth Sense

Xth Sense @ CultureLab

Biophysical generation and control of music

Hands-on training in augmentation of the body for musical performance.
Creating your own low cost biosensing wearable device for muscle sounds.


This workshop was based around, researching and developing, sensor based technologies and micro controllers, and their creative and innovative applications in performance situations.  The Xth sense workshop was my fist experience of working with programming environments such as PureData and Max MSP.   Further experimenting with and incorporating these applications into my practice, has recently been the biggest development in my work and I am sustained by their possibilities, the realisation of which, I will continue working towards.   Here’s a short clip of me doing a ‘show and tell’ with my work during the workshop.

check out Marco Donnarumma, the guy who created Xth Sense, among lots of other things!

I used to PureData to write some patches we used to process live vocals with when recording Black Stone Altar, for more information and to listen click here